53 in 3 (a list)

I've been inspired to write a list, put down on "paper" what I want to accomplish.  I have given myself 3 years to do it because there are some pretty big goals on it, some that would require us to save money for.
so here are 53 things I want to do in 3 years.

Start date: Nov. 12 2011 Finish date: Nov. 12 2014.

-Visit a Province that I haven’t been to yet.
-Roadtrip to the U.S.(October 2012)
-Get our passports done (June 2012)
-Get a tattoo (Ollie’s footprints at birth)
-Drink less pop (doing really well with this one)
-Have an ETSY/homemade christmas
-Donate blood
-Get a new sewing machine(May 2012)
-Take photos of everything in the house for insurance
-Invite people over for dinner(Feb 17 2013)
-Buy a pair of toms shoes
-Do a fundraising walk/run
-Walk along the Rideau Canal
-Visit one of the many aquariums on the east coast
-Read more books. Finish my Goodreads challenge
-Finish reading Catching Fire
-Drink more water in a day
-Family Budget
-Start an Etsy Business
-Take a family vacation(plane involved) (July 25 2012)
-Hang up more pictures
-Clean out my e-mail inboxes and keep them clean
-Figure out how to knit so I can make Ollie a scarf
-Organize all of our paperwork (Aug 25 2013) 
-Eat supper at home at least 6 times a week
-Make more muffins for snacks
-Cook something from the Julia Child cookbooks (Aug 8th 2012)
-Make a habit of folding the laundry after it’s washed
-Finish our MCC (movie cabinet challenge)
-Make a timecapsule and hide/bury it somewhere
-Pick a wedding date
-Plan our wedding
-Write a letter to Ollie for him to open when he leaves the house
-Write a letter to Louis, have him open it when he turns 50
-Find at least 4 geocaches per month(for 4 months)
-Wear makeup more often
-Clean out the junk on the computer
-Loose 30lb
-Do up our wills 
-Get recipes from my grandmother and mother
-Write a 5 year plan
-Make more cakes, cupcakes & cookies for occasions
-Take a CPR-First Aid class
-Learn new cake icing techniques
-Get into the routine of doing the dishes after we eat
-Get my haircut (July 17th 2012)
-Finish the sewing projects that I bought the supplies to do
-Go to the Highland Games (in Ontario)
-Weekly meal plan
-Plan our family's escape route in case of fire
-Make an emergency preparedness kit
-Have family portraits taken

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