Mom's Birthday

IT SUCKED!!!  (let me explain)

  • Louis woke me up with a nice bouquet of flowers(nothing sucked about that)
  • As I was coming downstairs I heard a few choice words from Louis
  • Then I saw why..... He dropped my cake....  :(
  • I insisted on attempting to save it, he just wanted me to open my presents
  • I picked up the cake with our massive blue spatula and my icing knife and told him that it was o.k., half the cake was still fine.
  • I sat on the couch and proceded to open my presents.  I then understood why Louis didn't want me to pick up the cake.  
  • I got a cake lifter and a baker scraper.... those would of been the exact thing it would of taken to pick up the splatered mess.
  • I also got a cake holder/storage and a decorating turn table thing
  • Ollie got me an awesome camera bag.  It looks like a bowling bag and it is red from Photojojo
  • Spent the rest of the day looking for random parts for the kitchen that have been lost in the house
  • Went out for supper at Mexicali Rosa's.......Never Again
    • The prices went up
    • the beans had a crust on them they were prepped so far in advance
    • the steak from the steak fajita was beef stew quality meat.  So chewy
    • the peppers were limp and the staff insisted they were fresh
    • did you know that they had garlic bread at a mexican restaurant? neither did we and it shouldn't be on the menu.  It was baguette with garlic butter and melted cheese....not grilled more of a microwave style
  • It was the first time EVER that I have complained to staff about food quality, the manager looked like he was about 14, our waitress could of been his mother(well not exactly but close enough).  He started off by telling us that we was going to have another set of plates made for us..... I am not sure how you plan on making a new batch of beans in 5 minutes but I do not want to know.
  • He was planing on making us pay for our meal anyways but give us coupons for a free meal next time....Thanks but no thanks, WE ARE NOT COMING BACK
  • So he then just told us that he was sorry, that we would not have to pay, that he was going to tell the owner and wished us a good evening.
Amazing Birthday (sarcasm) I want a re-do

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