Busy bees

Louis has been off since Monday and has been busy around the house since, he is putting the cabinet doors up in the kitchen. Tuesday we had a visit with the paediatrician and today we went to the children's hospital to get some x-rays done.  We are still trying to rule out if there is a real reason for Ollie's small size or if it just because he's a preemie.  Yesterday Ollie turned 10 months old, so he is corrected to 7 months old.  He is now sitting unassisted for short periods of time, babbling a lot more, seems to be on his way to saying either mama or dada, we will see what one he chooses.  He rolls from back to front, front to side, pushes himself up onto his elbows.  He also sat in a shopping cart for the first time on Tuesday, he was padded with our coats so he would fit.  Time has gone by so quickly, it does not seem that long ago that we brought him home.  We are getting ready for our first Christmas with the little man.  The tree is up and decorated, the presents are wrapped and Ollie's stocking is made.  Only a few days left.  We will be spending part of Christmas day in the car and the other part with my family and will be with Louis' family on the 26th.  I am off to go make some cookies.  What are you doing for the holidays this year?

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Joanie said...

We are heading off to the beach because it is HOT.