Guessing Games

We have had many doctors visits recently.  All of them trying to figure out why Ollie is still so small.  Our little guy has been poked multiple times for blood tests, had his whole body x-rayed, been handled by many people feeling his thyroid glands, kidneys, spleen, liver.  He's had an echocardiogram, his body measured and countless other things.  Yesterday we had an appointment with an endocrinologist, they concluded that he probably has Rickets, a vitamin D deficiency that softens the bones.  We have been put on a prescription of Calcium supplements and super concentrated Vitamin D drops.  We will be doing this for a month, then doing some more tests to see if it made any changes.  It is relieving to have someone who actually made a guess as to what might be wrong with him.  We have seen a haematologist because it seems that his white blood cell count is low, they currently have no explanation of why, we are seeing them again next week to see what his numbers are doing.  We have appointments set up for a kidney ultrasound(to see if the calcium is being absorbed properly), with a geneticist(not sure why, pretty sure we don't have genetic issues) and also with our regular pediatrician.  I am really hoping that the supplementation will fix all the issues so we can stop going to the specialists at the hospital.  He is hitting his milestones, eating tons of solids, is super active and one heck of a flirt, just ask the ladies from the hospital and pharmacy yesterday.

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Rachel said...

I can't begin to understand how it must feel to put your baby through such tests. Hopefully this will help and he won't be put through anything else!

Keep going, you guys are doing a great job :)