Birthday Weekend

I told you all I would eventually get to posting pictures of the birthday weekend.
I started to post them just as pictures but it was taking up so much room on the page so I decided to make a slide show for them instead.
Everyone arrived on the Saturday, we spent some time catching up and had a great supper.  On Sunday we started off with a breakfast of bacon & eggs.  I baked the cake and while it was cooling some of us went to the bookstore, french books are hard to get in Ontario.  We came back home with pizza for everyone.  While Ollie was napping we got things ready for his party.  For cleanliness factors we started with gifts, he was spoiled, again.  Louis' parents and sister got him some clothes for when he will be a bit bigger and a really cool tricycle that will grow with him.  My parents got him a ball popping toy, a book, some cool little animal cars and a sleigh.  Auntie Joanie got him some cute shirts and a hat from New Caledonia and we got him a couple books and some bath toys.  Ollie enjoyed his first ever cupcake, got to play with some of his new toys then it was time for a nap. We ate tacos for supper and then the adults got cake for dessert.  It was a great weekend, everyone had lots of fun.
(I made his birthday hat, it is impossible to find forrest themed birthday things)

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