A big mission

We have been debating taking on this huge endeavour for a while now.  It is something that Jamie over at Grumbles & Grunts started doing a little over a year ago.  Her and her husband decided to watch every single movie that they owned, in alphabetical order, by genre.  There were a bunch of reasons behind this but one of the main ones was because they noticed that they owned tons of movies and would only watch a select few. They called it the Movie Closet Challenge (MCC).  Since we keep our movies in a cabinet and not a closet we have decided to name it the Movie Cabinet Challenge.  When we moved into the house I put our movies away in alphabetical order starting with the ones titled with numbers.  We are starting with those, then we will work through the movies and finish it off with T.V. series and comedy specials.  I have added a tab up at the top of the blog dedicated to this challenge, it lists the movies that are coming up and the ones we have watched.  We started on Sunday the 6th and have gotten through the movies titled with numbers.  Not too bad if I say so myself.  We will try and average a movie a day during the week and 2 a day on weekends.  If I calculated it properly, it should take us about a year.

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Rachel said...

That is quite the challenge. Something that I should undertake as well. My bf and I have quite the collection together...

Good luck :)