Ollie Update

Yesterday we woke up bright and early, well it was for Ollie and I, Louis always get's up early for work.  We started our day with an appointment with the physiotherapist.  Ollie has progressed a lot since our first visit with her.  We spend some time on those blue gym mats, play in front of a mirror, attempt to grab and chase everything.  She is no longer worried about his physical development and we might not need to see her next month if he is advanced enough.  Our next stop of the day was at CHEO(children's hospital) we had to see two people here.  We started our visits with our hematologist, like usual we waited an hour for our appointment.  The waiting was worth it though.  We got confirmation that everything looks good now, his system is working properly and we are seeing one specialist less.  We just need to get his levels checked every 4-5 months with our pediatrician.  We had 20 minutes to have a quick lunch before heading off to our next specialist, our super sweet endocrinologist.  We concluded with them that Ollie is getting too much calcium with his diet and his supplements so we will stop the supplements and see how that goes, we will also be getting some blood work done at the end of the month to check if it really is a genetic issue that is the root cause of his rickets.

While we were waiting to see our hematologist there was a mom, dad and super cute little girl, probably not older then 4, waiting for their nurse/caseworker.  They had just found out that their little girl has renal cancer that requires treatment for the rest of her life, unless a cure is found.  They were given a book on childhood cancers and a binder with information, life changes and a specific section on explaining the disease and treatment to children. We don't know who they are or where they are from but hearing them get the news broke my heart.  It was a huge reminder to us that even with all the difficulties Ollie has had we are very lucky, what he has is manageable.

On a happier note.....

In the past month Ollie has:
-figured out how transition from laying to sitting
-started crawling and is getting fast
-started to drink from a straw cup
-is drinking a lot more formula
-grown almost 3cm
-gained 2lbs
-started standing if we help him up

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Rachel said...

Reading about that family and poor little girl broke my heart. But as you said, it reminds us all how fortunate we are depending on our circumstances.

I am happy to hear that he is doing so well! Yay Ollie! :D