The Yard

Our big project of this summer is the back yard.  We have measured it out, designed it and have finally gotten enough nice weather to get started on it.  We pick up 1.5 yards of rock dust and had 6 yards of soil delivered.  I didn't think 6 yards of soil would take up that much room on our driveway.  We spent today installing the patio stones and levelling out the yard, we got about a third of it done.  Tomorrow we will bring back the soil tamper and pick up a bag of grass seeds, a spreader and probably some sort of fertilizer. We have decided to get a container of native plant and grass seeds for our planter.  At least with that it will pretty much take care of itself.  Low maintenance is the best friend of new parents.  We are even getting slow growing grass with clover to help cut down on weeds.
I will post pictures when we get further along.

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Rachel said...

Fantastic! And nothing more eco-friendly than native plants :) Can't wait to see pics :)