Excited doesn't begin to explain it.

Since Ollie was a surprise arrival I didn't have anything packed to keep me occupied in the hospital for 3 days.  So I had to send Louis to the nearest Chapters with a list of books I have enjoyed reading, I want to thank the girl, who ever she is, for her great suggestion, I started reading the book and fell in love with it almost immediately.  Set in a post apocalyptic semi futuristic time, the country of Panem (Formerly the U.S.A) is split into districts and every year the head folks over at The Capitol hold The Hunger Games, they pick a boy and a girl (12-18) from each district to battle to the death, all on live t.v.. 
The movie comes out in March and I am overly excited.  This will certainly be a date night, see in theatres type of movie.

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