The Parade

Ottawa had their annual Christmas parade on Saturday.  The route was different this year and we didn't get the greatest of spots, I saw the top of floats over everyones heads.  We didn't get any pictures but Ollie looked like he enjoyed himself on Louis' shoulders.  After the parade, to not have to deal with all the massive crowds we decided to pop into Chapters, out of curiosity I checked their inventory computer to see if they had the Mr. Dressup DVDs, they had 4 sets.  We went to the kids dvd section, there were none on the shelf, we made sad faces, then we asked a girl and she went to the storage area and they had them hidden there.  So we got them....glad Ollie has no clue what we were doing at the store.  Guess we will be  online shopping a lot for christmas and his birthday in the future so he won't know what we got him.

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