Still alive, just busy.

Yes everyone, I am still alive.
Where the heck have I been?  Let me tell you.
I've been busy crossing some stuff off of my 53 in 3 list.
I got a new sewing machine for mother's day(the weekend before to be exact) so I was able to finish up some projects that I had the fabric to do.  I am waiting for pictures of them, I was too excited and mailed them off before taking a few pictures, oops.  I have already created a mental list consisting of a whole slew of new projects I want to sew, it would probably be best if I wrote them down somewhere.  
I have also been busy filling out paperwork, we now all have our passports, it took a while because of a little hiccup with Ollie's application and supporting paperwork.  I have read a couple of books and have cleaned out the junk from our computer.  I have researched information on blood donation, found out that I have one of the rarer blood types in Canada, I can only receive the same as mine or O-, a huge reason for me to donate.  We are also signed up to be on the waiting list to find a family doctor, it is a weird system in Quebec, well mostly in Gatineau, too many people with no enough doctors working on this side of the river, they get more money on the other side.

Owning a house keeps you pretty darn busy also, we found a used central vacuum on Kijiji and managed to install it in a weekend without making gaping holes in the walls.  We have also been researching prices for our windows, after 25 years they aren't the most effective things anymore.  We have decided to purchase thermal glass panes and change them ourselves, we will change the seals and while the windows are out we will paint up the frames and change out the pieces of wood that are no longer good.  On top of that we have some landscaping on our to-do list, we have lawn issues.  The previous owners had an above ground pool with a sand base and had managed to kill off most of the rest of the lawn.  We have been trying to grow some new lawn since last spring with less than stellar results.  We have raspberry bushes to plant in our claw foot tub and need to purchase some plants for the front of the house and a few for the back containers.
This past week the city has been replacing our curb and fixing the slope of the road, sending the water in the proper direction instead of pooling in front of our driveway.  I'm ecstatic that it wasn't a project that we had to do and that the city got to it pretty quickly.  All that is left is for them to do is fill in the whole in our lawn and add some sod.

I will be happy when the bigger projects are done and we can relax in the backyard with a cold drink with a good book.

What are your summer projects?

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