growth updates

Remember last week when we had to spend 6 hours at the children's hospital to have Ollie tested for his growth hormone levels?
I was ready to wait a while to get the results since the paper that they gave us said that it would take up to 5 weeks to get them.  We didn't have to wait that long for them though.  The results are in, we got a phone call from his endocrinologist this afternoon.  It looks like his levels are very low.  This means that his pituitary gland is malfunctioning for some unknown reason.  It has nothing to do with his prematurity.  It's not anything we did or didn't do, it just happens.  I just find it odd that he has no after affects of his prematurity but has 2 separate problems that are not an every day occurrence.  Our endocrinologist will be squeezing us in to talk about the situation and answer our questions then we will meet with the growth hormone nurse to learn how to give Ollie his injections.  They would like him to start the treatment before christmas, the earlier the better seems to be their motto.  Now we will have sharp boxes, syringes and vials in our house, something most parents never think of having to deal with.
We are trying to see the bright side of this.  We know why he is small now, it is no longer a mystery.  It is something that is relatively easy to fix/treat.  An injection a day, 6 days a week until he's about 18.
We just hope that we don't find anything else wrong with him.

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the corbett kid. said...

i hope you get some more answers when you see the endocrinologist. things are moving along for you and you're getting answers. this is great news! injections don't sound fun, but your doing your job and are super awesome parents to O! hang in there.