Movie Date Night

A lot of our time recently has been focused on the basement, we finally got to the point where we filled in all the holes and patched up the ones we cut to run wires.  The drywall compound we chose is the low dust version, when you sand it it all just falls to the ground instead of flying around and getting into your nose. The issue is with it is that it takes a long time to dry, up to 24 hrs.  Since we came to a standstill with our renovations we did what everyone else would do and decided to go to the movies.  I'm pretty antisocial, I don't like huge groups and I really don't like people up in my personal bubble.  So why go to the movies on a Saturday night then?  Because we haven't been in a while and I really wanted to see the new Bond movie.  We got there an hour before the show and it was already sold out, holy crap.  Looking up at the board to survey our other choices we landed on Wreck It Ralph 3D.  It was seeing that or going home and I didn't go all the way to the theatre to just turn back around.  We settled into our seat with our big bag of popcorn and our massive pop, put on our glasses and crossed our fingers that it wouldn't be too busy.  We really enjoyed the movie, i'm glad that we didn't decide to bring Ollie to see it, he wouldn't of kept the glasses on and parts of it would of probably freaked him out.  It was great to see all of the bad guys from our youth all pilled into one movie.  Oh how I missed qbert.  
I'm a big fan of Mario.  What's your favourite video game?

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