Movie Marathon Over

This post is coming later then usual.  We had decided since Louis hurt his back and has to rest that we would watch the whole Harry Potter series in 2 days.  We watched 4 on the first day and the last 4 we finished today.  I had completely forgotten how the series ended.  Going to be honest here and say that I read 6 books out of the series, I never finished the last one.  I have an issue with that it seems.  I have to force myself to finish books when they are part of a series, in a way it feels like I am loosing a friend or something sentimental and corny like that.  I have yet to finish the Inkheart series, the julia child life in france book and a host of others.
Back to the subject of the movies.  Holy crap they are long.
Off to go tidy up the house now, looks like a tornado went through it thanks to the toddler.

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