poking and prodding

Yesterday we spent the day at CHEO.  We went in nice and early to have Ollie tested for growth hormone deficiency.  It required him to take a pill that had a side effect of making him sleepy.  For 2 hours after the pill dose he got blood work done every 30 minutes.  At the end of that test they injected him with a glucose solution to stimulate his pituitary gland to see if he is making enough growth hormone.  After that injection he gets blood work done every 30 minutes again for 3 hours.  He had to have an empty stomach for this test so he didn't get anything to eat until the test was done.  He was so happy to see those tiny little chicken nuggets that we ordered for him.
Now we have to wait about 5 weeks to get the results back.  If it shows that he is producing the hormone then they will leave him alone and we will hope that he eventually catches up with his height. If there is an issues with his hormone production then we will start discussing growth hormone supplementation with daily injections.
Right now we are just going day by day, happy that Ollie doesn't have anything major wrong with his health.  
He is healthy and super happy, just small.

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the corbett kid. said...

every picture he's in, he's smiling! hope those five weeks fly by in a way, so you get your answers. thinking of you guys! :)