Cloth Diapers. A New Adventure

Last night we went to the mall to learn more about the mystical world of cloth diapering(washable diapers).  We are lucky to have a couple of ''natural'' baby stores.  This particular store has a section for cloth diapers of different kinds, eco-friendly--Organic toys and accessories, baby wearing items and so on.  Lots of natural hippie granola type stuff.  We had a 30 minute explanation of the different type of diapers, pros and cons of the different styles.  A quick tutorial on the care needed.  We came home with a few different ones.  We chose to try out 2 different brands, in 2 different styles.  We have Omaïki Pocket and pre-fold and Mini Kiwi in the pocket style.  We will start using them at the begining of the week as we are in Toronto over the weekend.  We will ease into them, using them during the day at home.  We will stick with disposables for outings and night times for the time being.  I will post updates with how this experiment is going.

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