Growing up too fast

Saturday night we started watching a movie when we noticed that Ollie was falling asleep on us.  We decided to put him to bed while we finished the movie.  To be able to hear him if he woke up we put him to bed in his room, that is where his monitor base is.  We finished the movie and made our way upstairs.  We were then faced with a very difficult decision, do we leave him in his room or do we risk waking him up by moving him into our room.  After the debate we decided to leave him be.  It was hard to come to the conclusion that he is growing up(too fast in my opinion).  He slept soundly, until he woke up at 4am, screaming, wanting us to feed him NOW.  After we fed him we put him to bed in our room, 6hrs without him was enough for the first try.  I have a feeling that this will be harder on me that it will be on him.  We have our 6 month appointment with the paediatrician on Friday, 6 months have gone by already, this is too crazy.

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