Renovation Update

The oven is back in it's place.  The bottom cabinet frames are painted, we have not gotten to the top yet.  The doors have yet to be made.  The sink is installed and so is the dishwasher.  We are still running to the basement to use the microwave.  The shelves still need to be covered.  Everything is still in the living room and basement and dining area floor.  The drawers are back in there place, temporarily.  I am so anxious for the kitchen to be done so we can get back to eating in.  It is amazing how annoyed you can get with eating take-out.  I tried making an actual macaroni and cheese, I partially burnt the milk when I was making the roue because I was running around looking for the other ingredients.  For some reason my macaroni and cheese always has that flour taste from the roue, I am not sure why it does that.  Any ideas why? Leave me a comment with what I am probably doing wrong.

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