christmas preperation

I always try and finish my christmas shopping before December.  I am pretty good at getting the bulk of it done by mid-November and pick up a few last minute things in December.  I don't like malls near christmas.  I think that this year I started shopping earlier than any other year.  My favourite place to shop this year is on Etsy.  It is a great online world where artisans can sell their work all over the world.  It is like going to a craft show without the massive crowds.  I have already purchased a few things and am looking almost daily for other gift options. I am also planning on making a few things this year.  We pulled out the sewing machine over the weekend, I think I finally understand how to use it properly with all of it's selections.  I have a nice selection of fabrics that I have been collecting over the past little while with the idea of making some things for Ollie.  My big project that I would love to do soon is a new carrier.  I will practice on smaller projects for now and work my way up to that one.  I hope to finish my shopping and crafting a few weeks before so I can focus on decorating the house for our first christmas as a family in our new house.
60 days left

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