8 months already

Dear Ollie,
Today is your 8th month birthday.
8 months ago you were born by surprise in Toronto of all places.
I guess you just wanted to be an Ontarian like your mom.
You started laughing out loud a few weeks ago.  Usually it is when we are tickling you or making you jump on your laps.
This is a clip from about a week ago.
You had super drooled and I was wiping your neck with a napkin.
I know it is weird to say but I find you more entertaining now that you are a bit older.  You are not at the same level as other 8 months old as you are technically only 5 months, even though your size makes you seem even younger.  I have been thinking of just telling people that you are just a very advanced 3 month old.
Loving you more and more every day,
Your Mom

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