Our Weekend

Saturday I packed our suitcase and collected all the baby things together into one pile.  We left the house at around 10a.m. and started our long-ish journey to collect my parents from the airport.  We were stuck in traffic once we got near the city.  We later learned from the radio that at 9a.m. a cattle truck rolled over.  I then started to have visions of all the cows counting down then all throwing themselves to one side of the trailer in an attempt to escape their certain fate of becoming hamburgers.  We had gotten fed up of being parked on the highway so we exited and took the small roads to my mom's house.  We dropped off the dog, fed the baby and took off to the airport.  Ollie made lots of friends while we were waiting for everyone to get through customs.  We patiently waited, watching people come through the sliding doors, we were guessing as to where they were coming from.  I have always loved watching reunions made in arrivals.  You wonder what caused the people to be separated in the first place.  My parents came through the door and my mom came running towards us.  We hugged and kissed then made our way back across the airport then back to the car.  We went out for supper-breakfast then went home.  Where my parents proceeded to show us all the souvenirs they brought back with them.  Louis fell asleep on the couch and missed the whole presentation.  After most of the items were found we all went off to bed.  Sunday morning I woke up to Louis beside me, he had come up in the middle of the night.  We went downstairs and ate a great breakfast together.  We then went to visit Louis' family, had lunch with them and then started our journey back home.  When we finally arrived we unpacked the car, fed the baby and headed off to bed.  A very busy but fun weekend was had.  Thank you to everyone who sent over great little outfits for Olivier and thank you Niken for the great little yellow bear.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read it. We love you all although we never seen you.
We can't wait your visit to Indonesia...
Big hug & kisses from Indonesia^^