We arrived at our appointment a little early like usual.  We checked in with the reception desk then headed into the waiting room, where we waited and waited and waited, we waited a whole hour and 45 minutes.  There was us and another family left.  We finally got called, followed this new person into a dimly lit exam room.  There were two men in the room, I later concluded that one was the cardiologist and the other was the ultrasound technician.  We stripped baby down and kept him entertained while the tech started moving the probe around Ollie's little chest.  The doctor confirmed all our information while the tech did his thing.  After about 10 minutes the tech read out numbers to the doctor.  The doc then said that all babies have murmurs, they go away on their own.  He then said something that made us proud, he said:"Olivier has the heart of a champion athlete".  I can now attest to seeing my sons brain and heart.  We are thrilled that there is nothing wrong with our little guy's heart.  Now we just need to figure out why he gains weight so slowly.

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