Cloth Diapers, the new frontier

Recently I have gotten fed up with the style of cloth diapers that we chose.  They are great diapers, fit well, haven't had a leak yet.  The downside that I have found is that you need to wash the whole diaper, every time.  The pocket style need to be taken apart first, sometimes it takes a while to get the liner out.  All this while baby is wiggling around impatiently.  Washing the whole diaper is fine, it just takes an eternity to dry, the All In Ones take even longer, they can go for an hour in the dryer and still come out damp.  You need tons of them if you exclusively cloth diaper, 2 days worth and do the laundry practically every day.  We haven't even tried to go out with them, I do not feel like lugging around dirty diapers in my already full diaper bag. In comes the gDiaper, I found out about them from other blogging mommies (O my family & Joyful Abode).  They are the perfect mix, a soft cloth outside, a snap in waterproof inner liner and either a cloth insert or a bio-disposable insert.  Because of it's multiple parts you can usually get away with only a few outer diaper shells a day, just change out your inserts.  This feature makes for less laundry.  The disposable insert makes going out with them super easy, just flush or toss the liner, put in a new one and off you go.  We started out with a starter pack from a local health food store, I have loved them so much that we ordered some from their online store.  I got a few more of the small size and also got the 6 pack in the medium size for when he gets bigger.  They are great diapers that do not add too much bulk.  I am super happy that I found these diapers.  We will still be using our other diapers, they work well, I just prefer the gdiapers for their ease of use and easy cleaning.

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