Family Photos

When kiddo was born, the hospital gave me a "special delivery" box.  It is pretty much just a marketing tool for Loblaws inc. but it is full of very useful stuff.  It contained a pack of "green" diapers, a packet with 2 undershirts, a little bottle of hand cleanser, some baby wipes and some coupons for a few different things.  One of the coupons was for a free pack of diapers, like the ones given in the box.  There was also a coupon for 25 4x6 prints and one for a picture package from their in store photographers.  I had forgotten about those coupons until we organized the stuff in Ollie's room and I found them again.  Perfect timing really, Ollie smiles a lot more now, he is much more stable in an upright position and it is almost Christmas, the time of year where lots of people expect new pictures of kids.  I just have to figure out what we will all wear as I would like to get at least 1 family photo where everyone looks half decent.  We have frames that we bought when we first moved out of our parents homes that are only partially filled with our own photos.  It looks like we have lots of kids that look nothing like us.  I think that is one of the problems with digital cameras, you take a photo, put it in the computer, some go up on this blog, then it resides there for the rest of it's life.  Most of the time when we get pictures printed it is for other family members as gifts and such.  Our walls are bare, like there is absolutely nothing on them, it is very odd looking.  I must really get some big pictures printed and get them framed to fill this massive decorative void.

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