There will not be a quiz

10 things about me that you probably didn't know

1. When I use the microwave, I end the cook time with a 3
2. Christmas time is my favourite because the after eight mints come out in the stores
3. I would love to be craftier then I am, I have tons of crafty ideas, I just need to follow through on them.  If I get craftier I could sell stuff on Etsy
4. I LOVE the colour green, I have no clue why
5. I have dyed my hair since grade 7.  That's 12 years of hair dye
6. Getting mail makes me really really happy, unless it's bills, those make me sad
7. I own every other Nintendo console system. NES, Nintendo 64, Wii.
8. I have an issue with finishing books, especially if there is no sequel.
9. I love going to the movies, something that is nearly impossible to do when you have a baby.  Whenever we get the chance to go we jump on it.
10. I procrastinate, a lot.  I am getting much better though.

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