Something looks, Different

I decided to try and figure out how to make a more effective and clean looking blog.  I wanted to have the tabs on the top of the page to help with navigation but I didn't know how.  I started looking around online then came to notice that Blogger recently added a Gadget to get it done quickly and easily.  I was bothered by the amount of space that my archive was taking so that was the first thing to get a page of it's own.  It didn't take too much time to do once I figured out how to do it.  Then I found that there was something else missing.  There wasn't much information about me.  At first the blog was mostly for family members who already knew me, the blog has since grown to include followers that I know from their blogs and others that I do not know very well at all.  Off I went creating an about me page that I decided to title Me, Us, We.  This represents the progression of just Me to Louis and Me, then the big transition of Louis, Ollie and Me.
What do you think of the new changes?

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