He did it.

Last night Ollie was playing on his mat while Louis and I were tidying up the kitchen.  When I turned around to check on him I got a surprise.  I caught him in the act, I caught him on his tummy.  The child who despises tummy time, I saw him willingly be on his tummy, he turned himself over, we didn't force him.  He flipped over onto his stomach, lifted his head played a few minutes then flipped back over.  I'm positive he understood what he just did, when he flipped back he had a huge smile on his face and was kicking up a storm.  I am super happy that at his next peds appointment I can finally say a big huge YES when he asks what seems to be his favourite question, does he roll over onto his stomach?

On a side note, we got a call from the endocrinologist to let us know that his calcium levels are looking good with the supplements.  We have also been told to do blood tests every other week instead of every week.  Finally seem to be heading in the right direction.

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Rachel said...

That is awesome! Go Ollie!