It's like back to school, but not.

Sunday I woke up EARLY, I woke up at 6a.m., it should be against the law to wake up that early on a Sunday.  After almost a whole year of only working the mommy job and enjoying every bit of it, I have returned to my retail job.  I am only going back part time so that way Ollie doesn't have to go to a daycare centre.  His immune system is still a mystery so we don't want to push it too much.  I'm only working a couple evenings and some weekends.  My first day was easy though, I got a training refresher with the newer girls that my boss kept from the christmas rush.  Being away from Ollie wasn't as hard as I thought it would have been, my brain seemed to just go back to how it was before.  The little guy didn't even notice I was gone, they boys dropped me off, then headed back home, Ollie had breakfast then went back to bed, the kid slept the whole time I was at work.  I guess he is easing Louis into this new routine.  When I got home we had lunch and went about our day like usual.  Seems like this will work out well for us right now.

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