It's here

It's official, the nice weather is back and here to stay.  I was surprised today when I opened the kitchen blinds.  Our groundhog friend was out of his den and wandering around the yard trying to figure out where things have gone.  He is going to be even more confused by the end of the summer because we are planing on moving things around and making things pretty.  As of now, our shed will be staying in the same spot so his home will not be bothered.  I'm going to take advantage of naptime to draw our yard with a few different design options.

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Joanie's Stuff said...

You're going to use native plants and trees, right?

Otherwise, you and I (and booboo) need to have a talk. Louis can come too... only if he brings coffee... and a beaver tail... and gummy bears. And God help him if he brings those damn sour gummy bears!!!!