MCCT week#6 & 7

Yesterday was spent outside in the backyard because it was the last day of nice weather for the week.  We spent the day fixing up our fence and making it taller.  Here is the re-cap for the past 2 weeks of MCC.
We got through 6 movies in two weeks, we are really having a hard time keeping up with the schedule we put in place.  This run included two movies starring Martin Lawrence, I noticed that both of those movies look heavily green-screened.  Blue crush was squeezed between those two and now I really, really want to go to the beach.  Next up to the plate is Bon Cop Bad Cop, a comedic action that is really much better when you understand french because some of the jokes just don't work when translated.  Then we will venture into the world of Jason Bourne.


Rachel said...

Bon Cop Bad Cop is a fantastic movie, even English speaking only folk can enjoy it, but I really have to agree it is much better when you are bilingual, cause then you get the best of both worlds :)

Joanie's Stuff said...

Woooo Bourne!!!!! I can't wait till you get to the Bourne movies. I'm so excited that you will be watching them!!

Wait... maybe *I* could watch them too!!! ZOMG AMAZEBALLS!!!