Bad Blogger

I have been a horrible blogger recently.  We have been vey busy recently.  A lack of employes at my job means that I work a lot more hours and lots of weekends.  2 weeks ago it was Louis' birthday, we didn't do anything big, it was celebrated over a few days. there was no cake(too hot to bake) just a few presents. We spent a day at the market with the Instax Mini 7s that I got him.  Since Louis works construction he gets 2 weeks off in the summer, we are currently in the middle of his vacation.  Last weekend we went down to Toronto, went to a VW show and spent a day at the zoo(picture post to come) and this weekend we are currently at my grandmothers house, helping out and taking some time to relax.  My mom is here also.  We have had a pretty sporadic schedule.  Lots of time spent in the car, working odd hours while still keeping the kiddo and us sane.  Next Sunday we are going to a VW car show about a hour or so from our place.  After that we will probably be helping out at Louis' parents new house as it is still being renovated.  I'm off to go spend some quality time with family.  Will post again soon.

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