One of those rotating hobbies.

While we were up at my grandmothers house last week we started Geocaching again.  Out of curiosity we checked the website to see if there were any in the area(my grandmother lives in the middle of nowhere in northern quebec, her town has a population of about 250 people and it will be celebrating 100 years in 2012).  We really didn't thing there would be any but low and behold there were some, nice sized ones too.  We went out one afternoon before supper to hunt for some Tupperware.  We had 3 of them in mind, found the first, looked for the second one and ended up getting bitten by bugs that I didn't recognize, for the third one there were way too many people around to hunt for it.  This little adventure has re-awakend an urge.  When ever we go out now we bring along our GPS that we have loaded with caches in the area.  We have found 16 since we restarted.  We might be a little obsessed, again.
Do you Geocache?

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