The dreaded question...and an answer for everyone.

So when is the other baby going to arrive?  When are you having another?  Any siblings coming soon?
Recently this has been what everyone has been asking.  Same question, many variations.  People I haven't seen in a while, people who see me almost daily, family and even some complete strangers.  It's like there is a switch, your kid is a little over 1 and everyone want's to now why you aren't knocked up yet or why you are out when you should be home doing it.
Ollie was born 3 months early(@27 weeks) because of pre-eclampsya.  Since his birth my blood pressure is still on the high side.  We are still trying to figure out why he has rickets, is it genetic? a fluke? because he's a preemie?  
Ya sure, chronologically we have a 17 months old, corrected he's actually only 14 months and with the rickets he's even younger because of his size, weight and skill level.  We are still meeting with new specialists, seeing a physiotherapist once a month, getting blood work done enough times that some of the lab techs know us by name.  There is a plus to this though, it only takes about 5 minutes to get his blood because he is comfortable with the techs.
There are risks to of us having another right now, extended bed rest, another preemie, long term side effects for me like vision issues and even more medical issues with the new one.  
We were really lucky the first time, he was born early but suffered no respiratory, cardiac or vision issues.  He came home a month before his due date, something that is really rare.  
Louis and I have been talking about it and believe we have come to a decision.
We would love for Ollie to have a sibling but have decided to wait for now.
Getting healthy, figuring out Ollie's issues and maybe even getting married are currently higher on our priority list.  
So my answer for everyone who asks now is: Not yet, ask us again in a year.


Olivia said...

You'd think with all of the issues you have face and are still dealing with people wouldn't ask that question. People can be so clueless sometimes.

Rachel said...

Good for you! I think that is a great choice. Taking care of what you already have and making sure to get "all your ducks in a row" is important. Of course, I know you would welcome a new baby with open arms, but taking the time to do it your way is what matters, for your whole family.