The Results

So, I put up a poll to get peoples opinion of the better halloween costume for Ollie.  I had one up on a baby forum and another on ask500people.  I figured there would be a big difference, that people would like one much more then another.  
It was a bloody tie, here are the results.

6 cowboy - 1 pirate

ask500people poll
50 cowboy - 55 pirate 

56 cowboy - 56 pirate

With that information I searched the costume websites and noticed that there are a lot of pirate costumes for purchase, we can thank Johnny Depp & Pirates of the Caribbean for that. Most of the cowboy ones are Woody from toy story inspired. 

So I picked cowboy.
I ordered a plaid shirt, a cute coat and will be making some chaps.  
I got an over sized cowboy hat too.

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Rachel said...

He's going to be so adorable! Can't wait to see pictures of him all dressed up :D