53 in 3

I've been inspired to write a list, put down on "paper" what I want to accomplish.  I have given myself 3 years to do it because there are some pretty big goals on it, some that would require us to save money for.
so here are 53 things I want to do in 3 years, 31 December 2014.

Visit a Province that I haven’t been to yet.(NS, PEI, MB, SK, AB, NWT, YK)
Actually get our passports done
get a tattoo (Ollie’s footprint at birth)
get up to date pictures printed and put into albums
Take more pictures of Ollie and us
have an ETSY christmas
donate blood
do a home photo tour on the blog
take photos of everything in the house for insurance
Invite people over for dinner
buy a pair of toms shoes
take a class
Walk some of the many Ottawa trails
Go back to Marineland
read more books. 
Finish reading catching fire
drink more water in a day
take a cooking class
Visit Japan
set foot on all of the 7 continents as a family. 
(North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctic)
do a fundraising walk
Hang up more pictures of us 
clean out my e-mail inboxes
figure out how to knit so I can make Ollie a scarf
attempt to crochet a amigurumi
eat supper at home at least 6 times a week
make more muffins for snacks and lunches
Cook something from the Julia Child cookbooks
Make a habit of folding the laundry after it’s washed
Finish our MCC (movie cabinet challenge)
make a timecapsule and hide/bury it somewhere
Pick a wedding date
plan our wedding
write a letter to Ollie for him to open when he leaves the house
write a letter to Louis, have him open it when he turns 50
Find at least 4 geocaches per month
wear makeup more often
clean out the junk on the computer
dump out files from the time capsule
do up our wills 
get recipes from my grandmother and mother
write a 5 year plan
Make more cakes, cupcakes & cookies for occasions
Take a CPR-First Aid class
learn new cake icing techniques
Get into the routine of doing the dishes after we eat
get my haircut
Finish the sewing projects that I bought the supplies to do
Go to the Highland Games (in Ontario)
weekly meal plan
plan our family's escape route in case of fire
Make an emergency preparedness kit
have family portraits taken

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Sarah said...

That's a great list! More than a couple of those would fit on mine too. :)