I am at a loss of what to post today.  I officially believe that my brain has gone to mush.  So you will just get a resume of yesterday.
We spent yesterday evening in Montreal celebrating Louis' paternal grandfather, he turned 85.  We visited his maternal grandmother while we were there too.  I was hoping to get a 4 generation picture at the supper but Louis' mother wasn't feeling well so they didn't attend the gathering, will have to make sure we get them all together soon.  We stopped by a store in the city that we hadn't been to in a long time, they have 2 store fronts, one for the clothing and the other for their shoe selection, they are the converse holy land, all styles are available in all sizes, dr. seuss, batman, a rainbow of colours, men's, women's, junior's, toddler's and even little itty bitty infant ones.  I couldn't resist, I bought a pair of lime green low cut all stars for Ollie.  Super cute, pictures to come.  I should just hit publish on this post now because I think I rambled enough and so I actually get it in before the end of the day.

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