x-mas prep

The presents are purchased, the stocking stuffers are almost done.  A few things left to wrap, mostly the oddly shaped ones.  I got most of the presents online this year, I have discovered the joy that is shopping on amazon.ca.  I place an order, it ships the next day and shows up the day after.  No need to fight to get through the malls, no driving around and around the parking lots to find a space, it's amazing how badly some people park.  We did get a few things in store, but we go in November, in the middle of the week, when no one else is there.  
This year we are helping Louis' parents with some projects in their new house that they would like done for christmas.  They are still in the precess of renovating it.  Like a lot of renovations things take longer then expected, especially when you are out in the country, everything takes longer to get, store close earlier and aren't open on Sundays.....
I am going to be making some cookies next week and other recipes a few days before christmas.  I am going for a stress free couple of days this year, nothing left to the last minute.  We even already have our turkey.
Decorating of the tree will be happening tonight and tomorrow night.

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