A very important post. Summer Safety

On the heals of the 41st drowning of a child this summer in Quebec I have decided to share some links about water safety and what drowning looks like.

Ollie is super stoked to be able to swim at his grandparents house this summer, it's great practice for our trip this summer and to keep him motivated and learning new skills for when he returns to his swimming lessons in the fall.  It was very important for us to sign him up for lessons when he was younger, starting lessons when you are older always sucks, plus there is always more fear and apprehension.  We do not expect him to be a competitive swimmer or to participate in the Olympics, we signed him up to make sure that he would be comfortable in the water, to learn water safety and swimming skills.  Ollie's classes are not always full of fun, he has his moments where he doesn't want to participate with the rest of the group, we still have issues with pool noodles.
We are always extremely vigilant when we are in the pool, taking in account his limited swimming skills.  We hover around always with a hand on him.  As he gets older and better at swimming we will always be in the pool with him, we will be those annoying parents that hang out in and around the pool when the teens are over, water accidents happen in the blink of an eye.
Locked fences around pools should be a must, parents in the pool with the children too.
Just because your kid took swimming lessons doesn't mean he is immune to drowning.
We must remember that children do not understand the dangers of water.

Here is what drowning actually looks like and some pretty scary facts about accidental drownings.

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