baby we're going down

Got a call from CHEO last week, more precisely from the Bone Clinic liaison.  She was calling about the results of the blood work we had done the previous Friday.  Things seem to be heading in the right direction, we are cutting his pill dose in half, we are now down to 1 pill a day instead of 2.  Ollie is great at taking his pills, he actually reminds us about them sometimes.
From what I understand it looks like his body has caught up to his previous lack of vitamin D and now we are just controlling the fact that his liver can't break down the vitamin to it's final form to be absorbed.

We have many appointments coming up, a quick audiology test to make sure he is hearing properly, some of his specialist don't think he talks enough so they want to rule hearing issues out.  An ultrasound followed by a visit to the nephrologist at the end of October and beginning of November, if his calcium levels in his urine are still going down then we probably won't have to visit with them again for at least a year.  We also have an MRI scheduled for the beginning of December, his endocrinologist wants to know if he has an issue with his pituitary gland, it would explain his slow height gain.  If there is an issue then we will be looking into growth hormone replacements.
Just another step in figuring out our little mystery.

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always great to hear your updates! xo