Look at that, i'm at 300 posts already.  I never though of hitting this milestone before Ollie's 3rd birthday.  We are still busy around here, repurposing rooms takes a lot of work.  We are taking what use to be my workshop upstairs and turning it into a guest bedroom, guests use to sleep in the basement.  The basement will then become my new workshop, where I hope to actually get some work done.  Currently everything is sitting in our kitchen/dinning room and I am getting frustrated that we have no more room.  The painting and flooring are pretty much done upstairs.  Just a few touch ups left to do.  Bringing up the futon will be interesting, I guess we will take it apart before trying to lug it up two flights of stairs.  A dresser and a wooden chest will make there way into the room too.  There is so much dust covering most of the other rooms up there so we will have to do a deep cleaning soon.  I am still not sure exactly how we will organize everything in the basement, don't know how to place the workstations for it to be useful and efficient. 

If you have any sewing/craft room ideas let me know.

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the corbett kid. said...

i'm excited for your new space. i found that having a little table in my room allows the kids to colour or lego or whatever. they seem to always want to be with me.

once you've moved your stuff down there and set up, you'll get a feel for how you want your room, and what makes sense.