thoughts of the future

My brain has been busy today.  I have been going through all of the different possible scenarios for Ollie's life for the next 13-15 years.  Will he want to play sports semi-professionaly? Will he have restrictions in his day to day life? What happens if you want to travel?  We have our appointment with our endocrinologist tomorrow morning.  About 30 minutes of new information, some decisions and lots of questions.  We will be deciding what course of treatment we will use, dosing and schedules will also be figured out.  It's actually pretty hard to think of questions to ask in advance, I think that with the information she will give us tomorrow we will come up with them as we go.  We will probably also schedule our appointment for our lesson with the growth hormone nurse to learn how to give the injections.  You never think you will ever have to have a sharps box in your house.

I keep telling myself that it isn't anything that I did or didn't do, this issue is more then likely not genetic either, it's just something that happens. It's not life threatening and we will not let it affect his full life potential.

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the corbett kid. said...

Christine, our stories are so different from each others but so similar. I always find I'm thinking of questions I should have asked, after the fact. These big deal appointments should come with a secondary appointment already booked. I know, I know, the system is already backed up. Just an idea.

Any way you'd be able to just call the endocrinologist if questions come up? Or email them?

Anything is possible, especially regarding the futures of our little ones.