Digital vs. Analog

Our meeting today went great.  Questions were answered and we got to have a quick visit with our Growth Hormone Nurse.  She set up a get to know your options session.  There are 2 devices that we are considering.  One is an analog click to get your dose pen, the other is a digital all you need to do is put the needle in and push a button.  We are leaning towards the digital version, at least that way when everything is set up Ollie can push the button to help give his injections.  Our plan is to have him as involved as he can be with his treatments.  He finds great joy in doing things himself, he loves to hang up his coat and get water out of the dispenser.  With us letting him do thing on his own he has a lot less fits and less fits means that everyone is happier.  We will let our GH Nurse know tomorrow what our choice is and she will follow through with the paperwork needed for the insurance and all of that stuff, she will even deal with our pharmacy for us.  Once everything is approved we will meet with her again and get the full 3 hour lesson of how to give the injections and everything else we need to know.
This is a lot less worry then I thought it would be.

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the corbett kid. said...

knowledge and the more i know, i'm finding, is making things a little easier for me. hope so for you guys too.