All Systems Go

After waking Ollie up this morning we drove over to CHEO for the umpteenth time this year to have an MRI pre-assesment.  Our appointment was at 9:45, we weren't seen at 9:45 though.  An hour of waiting around and playing a really annoying game of musical waiting rooms we where finally greeted by some doctor that we will probably never see again.  She asked a couple of questions, listened to Ollie heart and lungs then cleared him for the light sedation required for the MRI on Tuesday morning. I will be with him when they put the mask on before he goes in and it should take about 30 minutes to wear off once the mask is removed.  I think they will want him to eat and drink before they let us leave but she didn't really mention that part of it.  The sedation is just enough so that he doesn't move around while they are getting the images needed.  I've tried explaining it to Ollie but I'm not too sure how much he actually understands.  Maybe it's better that way, he probably won't remember any of this.

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