Last night we painted the basement, it is amazingly pretty and retro looking.  The stair area is a happy semi-soft yellow and the rest of the room is a soft blue with a touch of green in it.  No clue what the name of the blue is, it was one of the oops cans the day we got lucky at Home Depot and I can't find the card for the yellow anymore so it will remain nameless for now.  I did the rolling of the blue and ended up with a blister on one of my fingers, I went down to see what it looked like today and I missed a few spots, will have to fix that on Thursday.  I have been looking for a red clock and some retro wall art to decorate with, i'm positive that with my owl obsession there will be a few that will find their way down there.  I am really happy that I will have a place of my own where I can get away for a few hours at a time.  It will be the art area of the house, all crafty thing will happen there.
Do you have a place to run off to when you need time to yourself?

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the corbett kid. said...

so happy you have your own space it's it's nearing completion! hope you post some pictures too :)