The past week has been full of snots and cuddles.  Ollie has had a "cold", it's more just a stuffy runny nose with a bit of coughing when his nose is too stuffed.  He still runs around like usual, he just stops by for a cuddle every now and then.  I'm hoping that this issue will not affect his ability to have his MRI done in a week, we've been looking forward to it, in a weird way, wondering if his pituitary gland is normal looking or not.  We are still waiting to get the approval from the insurance company on the growth hormone stuff, they are more then likely going to approve it we just have to wait for the paper work to go through before we can get all of our injection stuff and start with implementing a new routine.  Our fridge has been re-arranged to make room for all of our new things, the hormone has to stay cold so we gave up a shelf in our door.  I talk to Ollie about how his bed time routine will change a little, 
Bath - Brush teeth - Books - Injection - Bed
This will become our new normal, just like taking a pill in the morning has for his 1 alpha hydroxylase deficiency.

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