Just got a call saying that something came up so they need to move the date of Ollie's MRI.  It was supposed to be Tuesday at 7:30am.  They switched it to Thursday at 10am, they want us there at 9 to get everything ready.  Ollie can't eat anything past midnight and can only drink water or apple juice until 4 hours before.  This is going to be loads of fun, he is super pissy when he doesn't eat right when he wakes up.  I think we'll put him to bed later then usual the night before so he won't wake up too early and get extra mad at us for not feeding him.  

We still haven't heard anything back from the insurance company, if there is nothing new by tomorrow our nurse case worker will start looking into it.  I was looking forward to starting his injection way before christmas to get into the routine of doing it so it would be set in during all the craziness that the holidays bring.  That way we would also be experts at giving them and would be able to teach my family to do it for when they watch him in the future.

Waiting for things to move forwards is rather frustrating.  
I must learn to be more patient.

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