Let me just start out by saying that the nurses and doctors in the MRI department of CHEO are amazing and kind.  You can really tell that they love their jobs.  

We showed up at 9am just like they asked us to, they took us back and asked us some questions to make sure that Ollie wouldn't stick to the machine or have anything rip out of him, they checked his pulse and gave us a gown.  Afterwards we had the MRI tech stop by and explain how it worked and how long it would take.  
The anesthesiology team was so sweet, everything was explained in detail, our questions answered and they let both of us be there for when they knocked Ollie out, the usual rules are 1 parent only.  After he was out Louis and I went down to the cafeteria to wait out the 45 minutes, we we're not very hungry but took something to drink.  We chatted while playing games on our digital devices, trying not to think of our little guy laying there in a big noisy tube.  
When the 45 minutes were up we headed back up to the MRI department to wait for the nurse to come and get us after they made sure he was stable and breathing properly on his own.  Oh my was he ever cranky when he woke up and his breath was horrid(thanks to the fact that he hadn't eaten in 24hrs), he wasn't calming down at all being rocked so we walked the hallways to entertain him and the nurse was coming to check on us every now and then.  
He was refusing to drink the apple juice they gave him, apparently he didn't like the cup it was in, I transfered it to my juice bottle from earlier and he drank it all pretty quickly.  That was the only requirement they had to let him leave since his vitals were fine.  
The nurse discharged us, Ollie was still groggy so we stopped by the endocrinology department to ask about the status of our GH request.  The info is back, we are just waiting for our liaison to finish up her part, then we can have the training day.
Amazingly he was pretty much his usual self when we got him, you saw that he was not quite back physically though, he was super clumsy for the most part of the day.

Our endocrinologist will call to let us know what they saw on the scan.

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the corbett kid. said...

hope you get the results fast. glad to hear it went super well. :)