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I actually took Phyllis Diller’s advise this morning, it worked pretty well.

Our liaison called this morning to let us know that we won’t be starting Ollie’s treatment until the new year.  Their reasoning behind it is that they are closed for a week and a half so they can’t help if we have any issues.  I just wish they would of made up their minds at the start of all of this and not gone back and forth on their decision.  This could of all been avoided if they would of done the proper paperwork to begin with a month ago instead of waiting 3 weeks to send papers to people who don’t need them.  All it took was a quick phone call by me to the insurance company to confirm that they cover the product.  
I hate it when peoples disorganization affects others.  

We are still going this Friday to get trained how to use the device and to fill out some paperwork.  Once they decide when we will actually start, the company that makes the device will send a nurse to the house to re-train us because then we will be able to give Ollie an actual shot instead of just practicing with a skin analog.

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the corbett kid. said...

oh snap. that IS frustrating. glad you're getting the ball rolling, even if it is in the new year. time to relax and enjoy the holidays! :)