Ready for Launch

We start tonight.  Wish us luck.
Time to start growing little man.

Other things going on:

On Thursday we got the results from his MRI from a few weeks ago.  
His pituitary gland is a smidge small and everything else looks great, nothing out of the norm.

On Friday we had our learning session at CHEO and got all the stuff that we need to move forwards with Ollie's treatment.

On Saturday we spent some time organizing my craft area in the basement and set up the serger, it's so smooth.  Now I just need to make the last tension adjustments.

On Sunday we went and picked out our Christmas tree from the market, it's a tinny almost 4 footer.  I also stopped by the bakery and got some gingerbread cookies, it's not the holiday season without a little bit of gingerbread.  More craft area organization happened too, it's almost done, I think it will be a work in progress for a while, until I find the perfect spot for everything.

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the corbett kid. said...

awesome! sounds like everything is coming together. :)