Stuff Since The Holidays

I have been trying to write a post about our holidays and the stuff that we have been doing since.  Apparently my brain has decided to fight me on that idea though.  I have a few drafts sitting in my dashboard but nothing has gone further then a few sentences.  I would probably have to blame the January Blahs.  I haven't taken many pictures either but if I did I would have a hell of a time sharing them with you, our computer is full and I have been backing everything up to remove some from the computer so I can add some new pictures and share them with you.

Birthday planning is starting, it's amazing to think that Ollie will be 3 in exactly a month.  I have designed the invitations and will be getting it printed in the next few days.  We decided to go with a construction theme since he is currently obsessed with all things big, yellow and loud.

Lots of new words have been coming out of him lately, so many that half the time we still have no clue what he is saying.  Lot's of paying really good attention to what he is saying is needed so he doesn't get frustrated and give up using his new found words.  As I write this he started saying Sally for the Porsche in the movie Cars.

I caught wind of a little internet show called Table Top Games hosted by Wil Wheaton, I watched a few episodes and it has rekindled my love of board games.  So much so that I'm planning a separate post for it. (you did read that right, another post is coming).

We have officially been giving Ollie his new medication for just over a month and we have had no adverse effects, it has become a part of the routine and we have found that it makes bedtime more scheduled.  I have noticed that he has a lot more energy since we started, he hardly ever naps anymore, he plays quietly in his room instead, we leave the choice up to him.  He still needs his naps, he is pretty darn cranky in the evening if he doesn't have one so we are not giving up on them just yet.

Next up, Potty Training.

If you have any tips, tricks or musings on the subject just leave a comment.

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the corbett kid. said...

busy busy eh?

every kid is different. we did the 3 day potty training bootcamp with miles, but nothing seems to work with ozzie. keep at it, it'll happen eventually.